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About Kiztopia

A hub of child-friendly activities, the island country of Singapore is famous internationally among little ones. Having dozens of places offering friendly and thrilling activities for your kids, the country has yet another interesting place for kids called Kiztopia. For visiting this playful place along with your little ones, you need to buy Kiztopia Singapore tickets that offer your kid to have the fun in 16 massive play zones. Kiztopia is not just limited to fun but it is there to build values in kids such as inspiration, enthusiasm, kindness, zealousness, passion, adaptability, bonding, and teamwork. An activity generating fun along with core skill development for a child is a dream of many parents that Kiztopia fulfills.

Kiztopia is known to host some of the country’s most intelligent games incorporating the technology of Augmented Reality games. There are numerous role-playing games available to play leading to the invocation of a child’s imagination and creativity. Certain mind games and puzzle-type games engage the kids in healthy gaming activities. A fun place for young children but also pleases even smaller children with beautiful toy trains and cute little slides. Almost every day, this fun place is visited by parents and their waiting hours. The infamous fun place of Kiztopia is a staycation for the people of Singapore and a popular tourist destination that is always crowded. The chances of tickets being sold off at the ticket counter are always high leading to the cancellation of your plans. To enjoy the place to the fullest, it is highly recommended to book your tickets online as it gives you an instant confirmation. The online booking system saves you from the last-minute hassle and offers you a variety of deals and discounts reducing your Kiztopia ticket price.


Explore Kiztopia Branches

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Marina Square

Kiztopia marine square is a whopping 18,000 square ft kid-entertainment zone that offers a complete family package of excitement and joy. Featuring a large number of 18 play areas such as pumping slides, role playrooms, mega ball pits, interactive play zones, etc lies the largest and the most happening indoor play center of Singapore, the infamous Kiztopia. Suitable for kids ranging from 12 months up to 12 of age, this area offers "Learn to Play" and "Play to Learn" with interactive Virtual and Augmented reality games. Along with playful and mindful fun activities, some mild thrilling slides and climbing activities specially designed for your kids are there to keep them engaged.

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Punggol Town Square

The first of its kind, a duplex indoor playing ground called the Kiztopia club Punggol included in the Kiztopia tickets, makes sure to fill your kid's heart with thrill and happiness. The whopping 5,500 sq ft of space features 12 different playful areas made in a Safari theme. High-tech augmented and virtual reality games are there to make your kid brainstorm along with a sandpit trampoline, the crossing of obstacles, and different role-playing rooms. You can even celebrate your kid's birthday with little friends serving multiple dishes from the West and Asia. The Vibe cafe serves the yummiest meals and snacks including burgers, grilled chicken, fish, chips, and many more tastiest items.

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Jurong Point

Kiztopia club Jurong point is an area occupying 4,500 sq ft of space with the captivating theme of outer space. As you and your kid start to come inside this enchanting zone, all the earthly feelings get animated into blissful outer space making your child excited as kids are known to be fascinated with outer space. Jurong Point has 12 out-the-space unique playful concepts such as a carousel, trampoline, slides, and mega ball pits. Jurong is not just limited to play zones but it features a beautiful gift shop to buy your kid a small token of love, a family cafe to grab a meal, and a function hall for celebrating cute little birthdays.

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Why Kids Love Kiztopia?

Kiztopia is adored by kids because of its fun and responsive activities that generate happiness, thrills, excitement, and intelligence in young developing minds. From driving cute little cars, and playing in the almost real-life sand to becoming a ninja warrior and enjoying the trampoline, Kiztopia tickets have everything to serve growing up children. Children enjoy high-tech games like augmented reality basketball and role-playing activities to the fullest in this intellectual-playful zone. Parents are happy to find their children running around, roaming about, using their brains, fighting with obstacles, and most importantly, children are being themselves in Kiztopia.

Experiences to Have at Kiztopia

Buying Kiztopia tickets would turn out to be your child's most intelligent, and memorable playful experiences that lead to 360 degrees of growth activities relating to physical and mind games. The entire zone has a variety of exciting play areas to offer making your kid want to visit again.

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Pio's Drift Kiztopia Singapore
Pio’s Drift

As the name of the word "Drift" suggests, this playful area is where your little one can drive! Enchanting mini-cars with a fake gas station are there for child kids to drive as the little one gets the toy mini car filled being a part of the role-playing activity.

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Bell’s Cuisine

Kids pretend as if they are the world’s best chefs in Bell’s cuisine much like nearby restaurant Bell’s pantry. This pretended play features a realistic kitchen setup along with an elegant dining room. Cute little kids are seen to be cooking innocently and serving you your meal!

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Bouncy Tiger Kiztopia Singapore
Bouncy Tiger

The popular playground named Bouncy tiger is a large kid’s play area. Toy tigers along with the castles are one of the best experiences of Kiztopia. The vast area consisting of cute tigers and castles is always filled with happy little faces with their parents.

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Ninja Warrior

Your kid will pretend to be a Ninja warrior showing enjoying a dose of entertainment with thrill as the little one crosses great obstacles. This power awakening area for kids makes your kid deal with difficult and playful obstacles, swinging bridges, climbing wars, stairs, and monkey bars. A usual and exciting indoor play area focussing on promoting a kid's physical activity, Ninja Warrior mimics the infamous TV show.

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Ball's Pit Kiztopia Singapore
Ball Pits (Sprite and Pepe's Ball)

Soft climbing structures and inflatable balls are to channel the inner power of kids from the age of 10 to 12. Named Ball pits, this area comprises Sprite and Pepe. Sprite is a mini playing platform Ball PH containing mini obstacles and PePe’s Ball is for even smaller kids with obstacles like small slides and climbs.

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Alley Oop Mark

The strangest and the most intelligent basketball play area, your kid will be able to play virtual basketball supported by the technology of Augmented reality. Multiple hoops are projected on a virtual wall with an augmented reality screen making kids play in teams at a time of less crowd.

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Raby’s Pit

As much as the kids love driving and playing with cars, kids love playing on beaches with sand too. Rarest of the rare sights to see, Raby's pit tries to copy an exciting outdoor sand experience using small wood cubes instead of real sand, almost looking like the actual one. Such kinds of experiences where kids play indoors with sand are rare to be found.

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Events at Kiztopia

Ball's Pit Kiztopia Singapore

This enchanting food-themed show, has happiness on its plate along with music, play, and of course, food! Consisting of 8 playful themes of food, this place is a foodie's favorite. Your kid will act as a reviewer tasting and rating different kinds of foods. The Bell’s Patisserie will portray giant donuts, croissants, macrons, and whatnot! The tiger burger joint along with the sushi bar is there to quench your hunger taking you through various kinds of food cuisines. Some infamous and crowded stalls include Honey’s Boba Tea Place with bubble tea toppings and Mark’s Tacos Trucks for Mexican taste.

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Wonder Garden

The cutest friends of the Kiztopian kids is one of the most anticipated events of the entire playful area. The beautiful green garden is a child’s favorite place with one in the world kind of a garden experience for the whole family. Offering 8 bouncy garden-themed concepts occupies 8,600 sq feet area. Unlike the scorching outside heat of the gardens, an air-conditioned indoor garden with bouncy castles makes sure to make your kid play with fun and comfort. You can enjoy a cup of coffee relaxing while looking at your loved one in joy.

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Holiday Village

Call it a village or a carnival, this beautiful place is an unlimited dose of entertainment for kids and their parents. Jump into the year 2022 with unlimited fun and thrill at the most interesting village of Jumptopia. Built on an area of 44,000 sq ft of space containing 15 huge bouncy castles, cute little kids jump in joy. Featuring craft activities, exclusive merchandise, and a beautiful play area, this event is witnessed by families indulging in total fun. Important highlights include Kiztopia friends castles, an active play area, craft activities, and exclusive merchandise.

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Jumptopia: 1st Edition

Hosted in an area of 12,000 sq ft, this offsite event features 7 giant themed bouncy castles to make your kids jump in joy and fun. Jumptopia's first edition plays groovy beats, and hosts fun and engaging craft activities, claw machines, witty station games, and meet and greet with beautifully themed games. Your kid will play with the strangest aliens, cutest frogs, and yellow bumble bees and roam in the little forest. Star of the show activities includes station games, gift shops, claw machines, meet & greet, and enrichment booths.

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kiztopia 5.jpg

The roadshow happens to be one of the most thrilling shows to be showcased openly under the Kiztopia ticket price. The first kind of offsite event at kidztopia, the roadshow contains Marina Square, Marina Parade, Downtown East and Jurong Point for parents and kids to indulge in fun activities. Activities such as a miniature car racing zone, laser tag arena, and huge ball pit are major highlights of the roadshow along with exclusive giveaways and prizes.

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Know Before You Go for Kiztopia

Essential Info

  • Kiztopia Singapore is a huge indoor play zone having a variety of 16 zones and play areas famous as an entertainment center among kids and parents worldwide.
  • “Learn to play” and “play to learn" is Kiztopia's tagline which means that intelligent character-building and tricky mindful activities are available for kids to play.
  • Kiztopia makes sure that your kid enjoys the most through its activities by developing a wide range of skill sets including teamwork, adaptability, enthusiasm, passion, and values such as kindness, friendliness, inspiration, and zealousness.
  • This exciting place is a home for educational excursions as the activities hold in-general academic significance.
  • Along with the fun activities, this place is a hub to host birthday parties for children to enjoy with their little friends.
  • A wide range of Role-playing activities invoke a kid's imagination and promotes creativity along with fun activities for parents to indulge along with the kids.
  • This Entertainment zone has obstacle-crossing activities like playful slides, intelligent games involving Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, and beautiful toy trains for little children to enjoy.
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FAQ’s of Kiztopia

What is the suitable age and height for kids to enjoy at Kiztopia?

If you plan to buy kiztopia price tickets, the suitable age for kids to enjoy Kiztopia is between 12 months to 12 years of age while the height limit is up to 130 cm.

Are wheelchair and storage facilities available at Kiztopia?

Storage facilities to keep your belongings safe are available but for wheelchairs facilities, please contact the Kiztopia staff for further details.

What are the best Kiztopia ticket experiences for toddlers?

The best experiences as a part of Kiztopia Tickets include role play areas and playing zones such as Pio’s Drift, Bouncy Tiger, Bell’s Cuisine, Bouncy Tiger, and Ninja Warrior, Ball Pits, Alley Oop Mark, Raby’s Pit, etc.

Can I bring food to Kiztopia Singapore?

Bringing outside food is strictly prohibited and there is no need to bring food because there are a variety of facilities available. Kith Café Kiztopia MS, Seoul Garden, Beyond Pancakes, and Chic-a-boo restaurant for eating tasty food are some facilities.

How can I buy Kiztopia Singapore tickets?

You can buy Kiztopia tickets online from our website at a single click giving you instant confirmation. Buying online tickets in advance may fetch you a variety of deals and discounts reducing the Kiztopia ticket price.

How long in advance can I purchase my Kiztopia Singapore tickets?

You can purchase Kiztopia Singapore tickets at least 6 months before your visit to grab a spot for unlimited fun. Each of the tickets come with a validity and need to be checked before booking.

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